Video TikTok shows Jeff Bezos’ net worth in rice — and it’s a mountain

A viral TikTok video shows Jeff Bezos’ net worth fortune using grains of rice.

A TikTok user created a shocking video that illustrates Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’ wealth using grains of rice.


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Humphrey Yang, a personal finance guru with 244,900 followers on the video-sharing platform, set out to show exactly how rich the richest man in the world is compared to others.

By Yang’s estimations, one grain of rice represented $100,000, so he first counted out 10,000 grains to show what $1 billion looked like.

Then, the quick-cut clip shows Yang buying a scale and heading to Costco to buy huge bags of the white stuff so he could represent Bezos’ fortune. According to the analogy, Bezos is worth a small mountain of rice, equaling $122 billion.

The shockingly big pile of rice weighs 58 pounds, Yang said, prompting one Twitter user to write: “My jaw dropped. Thank you for this visual perspective!”

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