Welcome to coinhunters.online. A blog where I write with an aim to help you become a blogger and make money online. Here at , you’ll find beginner’s guide, tutorials, and articles to help you start and grow a business online using internet marketing.

I am Justine Timber. Firstly, it’s me who’s writing everything here. I also have some aspiring guest bloggers who contribute to coinhunters.online and help us grow by sharing their knowledge with you.

I started coinhunters.online in 2019 and it was a drift of passion which took me into the blogging world.

My roots in the world of the internet started to grow deep when I was about 27 years old. I started to work at a local company as an IT back then and in 2007 and I got nothing.

What made me so interested in blogs was the time when I first saw the guy saying he has got all of his fame and build his business through his Youtube channel and online course which he sold on his blog.

That’s when I was introduced to what a blog was and what I could possibly do with it.

Just to let you know, coinhunters.online and I have been featured in WP and many more interesting websites that you have known for too long.

I write about what’s new and working, which helped me with my blogging earnings and traffic, and sometimes, what’s deeply hidden in the existing articles online that beginners can understand.

Nothing stops me from discovering new pieces of stuff that work for generating profit. You can look here to see what I’m currently using.

I am learning Daily. WordPress and Online marketing are my love and I enjoy learning and playing with SEO and new marketing strategies.

I have been an eager beaver to learn and teach as much as I can.

Best regards,
Justine Timber(Mr.)