A new Challenge player, “Tripping people Challenge jump trip” can be jailed for up to 10 years

Tripping people Challenge jump trip

Thai police on Sunday warned Internet players in their country to try out the new Challenge, which is well-known on Tiktok’s social network, due to the death and serious injury.

The new challenge is called the “Tripping Jump Challenge” or “Skullbreaker Challenge.” Thai police have confirmed that the new Challenge player could be punished and jailed for causing death and injury.

How to play the “Tripping Jump Challenge” or “Skullbreaker Challenge” is to have 3 participants, with two people on either side deceiving you in the middle and swinging their legs.

Lieutenant Kissana Phathanacharoen said the action should not be replicated, as it could result in injury, disability or death, and the intruder could be jailed for two years and fined 40,000 baht (about $ 1,300). Also, in the event of death, disability or serious physical injury, the person can be fined up to 10 years.

Recourse: Khaosod

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